Vox the innovative tech service provider has been bringing South African’s some of the most advance tech products and services, allowing us to make our business and personal lives so much easier. It was a no-brainer for us to adopt and implement the Tech Giant’s services and products in addition to our current offers.

We are pleased to announce that IDMA is an Official Certified Ambassador, which allows us to offer you the entire Vox Product Suite at the exact same prices you would get with them. So now you can shop for any Vox products on our website and get your product or services delivered straight to your email inbox or physically address.

Here’s More Info On Vox

More than just a market-leading Internet Service Provider, Vox offers a range of innovative data, communications, and collaboration solutions to connect South Africans to the world, but most importantly, each other. Vox leverages technology to enhance customer experience and support entrepreneurs without compromising on its core values of integrity, choice, and service excellence.

Expertise, innovation, and superior quality products are the heart of Vox. As a leading innovator in the industry, Vox takes full responsibility for all its technical implementations and systems, from concept to installation. The Vox Service Centre operates 24/7/365 to offer immediate support for all customers and continuously monitors all of Vox’s networks and infrastructure to ensure that quality of service is always maintained.

Specialist product managers are assigned to oversee each portfolio, allowing for continuous research and development to ensure each product is always of the highest standard. While an extensive team of account managers and technical engineers are employed across South Africa to offer convenient customer service and solution implementation.

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