Vat Registration

If you need a VAT Number for your Company, I have great news…
For the entire month of March, we are offering a VAT Registration Special (Mandatory or Voluntary).

Why our clients register for VAT?

  1. More Cash Flow. Let’s say you need a truck costing R500 000 to expand your business. You can finance it and thus spend R0 from your immediate cash flow to get the truck. In the process you will get a ‘cash flow advance’ of R75 000 if you claim the 15% VAT back from SARS.

2. More Tenders and Contracts. To apply for bigger Tenders and Contracts, you need a VAT number – which indicates trust, as SARS does many checks before giving a Company a VAT Number.

Main Requirements: A contract of over R50 000 per year; or invoices of R4300+ per month (over a 2-month period). We can assist you to setup a contract if you have the ‘deal’, but not the ‘paperwork’ (additional cost will be applicable).
Option #2: Consultation Call on VAT Registration (FREE)

T’s & C’s apply. Offers only valid 31 March 2022.

For any enquiries you can contact me directly via email or phone on the details provided below.

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