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Best Advantage of Email Marketing

Best Advantage of Email Marketing

Advantage of Email Marketing 1. Unrivalled return on investment In the business world, results are arguably all that matters. With this in mind, the most reason that the majority of businesses invest in email marketing is that the fantastic return on investment. According to the DMA, the return on investment for email increased from an […]

How to Select a Digital Advertising Company For Your Business?

How to Select a Digital Advertising Company For Your Business

Digital advertising is the way of promoting your products over the internet, especially by using various paid advertising platforms available in the market. Today we have a range of digital advertising tools available such as Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Google Display Networks, Email Promotions, etc. All these tools can be used inefficiently ways […]

The Standalone Card Machine Every Business Needs

The standalone card machine every business needs

The iKhokha Shaker Solo is a nifty card machine that doesn’t need to be connected to your phone to accept card payments. It’s a standalone card machine with a 3G connection and a built-in printer so you can now accept debit and credit cards on the go. iKhokha’s standard transaction rate starts at 2.75% (excluding VAT) per […]