Tender Application Assistance

Do you want to get Tenders, but need assistance? Our Tender Subscription includes everything you need to get Tender Success in South Africa at only R999 per month.

3 Easy Steps To Start

Step 1: Requirements. Meet these requirements:

A Company
Tax Clearance
Step 2: Payment. Click here to get a quote now – within 1 minute!
Step 3: Information. When you get a quote, we’ll get some information required to prepare your documents.

Important Information

  1. Upon Completing your In-Depth Custom Consultation, we will complete the (S) service loaded on your profile where after you can proceed with the following:

(a) Weekly Tender Search via the Weekly Custom Tender Search Service

(b) Assistance with your First Tender Application

(c) Monthly Consultation for Tender Advise

  • Tender Application fees at Government: Note that when we assist you with a tender application, the ‘buyer’ may request a ‘Tender Fee’. When this is applicable it could cost an additional R2500 – R7500.
  • How-To-Tender Workshops Available: Find attached a R350 Voucher you can use at any of our ‘How-to-Tender’ Workshops. There is more details on the Voucher.
  • Finance: We have attached a ‘Letter of Intent to Finance Your Tender’. We have Finance Partners ready to take on financing tenders. The letter includes all the pre-requisites, advantages and terms which apply. For additional types of funding, apply here : info@infusedigitalmarketing.agency
  • Example of Tender Listings: Please download our Android Mobile App for a ‘taste’ of how tender listings look: https://goo.gl/GF5SM5
  • Will you have success using our assistance? We’ll do our part to make sure your compliance and Tender / RFQ Application is 100%. See one of our latest Testimonials attached.
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